We’re delighted to announce that our Adelaide Sleep clinic and sleep study services have been extended!

We now have more sessions available and can consult you quickly days. Similarly, our availability for sleep studies (polysomnographies, PSG) sessions have increased to almost every night of the week. We can accommodate your schedule much easier and sooner.

With our Rapid Access Sleep Services, we’ll be able to see you, have your sleep study, analyse all the data, and start treatment earlier.

And for our country patients travelling into Adelaide, we can even see you the following morning with your results, and start treatment that same day.

For local Adelaideans, your Study reports are often released to yourself and / or your referrer within 24-48hours of your study being reported.

We’ll do what we can to try and have your care expedited. At Adelaide Sleep, we don’t think it’s fair to make you wait days, weeks, months to have your sleep study. You shouldn’t have to wait for your results either. See us now.