Having a Sleep Study in our Adelaide Sleep Lab

Sleep studies are complex tests that record every possible parameter in the night.
Having a sleep study means getting it right the first time. It should always include :
  • Brain Wave activity (EEG)

  • Eye Movements (EOG)

  • Chin muscle tone (EMG)

  • Breathing patterns (nasal flow, chest, abdomen,)

  • Heart rate (ECG)

  • Oxygen levels (SpO2)

  • Leg movements (EMG)

Our Level 1 in-hospital sleep study (the only ‘Full sleep study’) can also monitor additional things that others can’t :
  • Video recording

  • Transcutaneous carbon dioxide (TcCO2)

  • Extended EEG for seizures

  • Real-time CPAP titration

Home studies are not recommended for many groups (including those with high blood pressure, heart failure, neurological disease, pulmonary disease, commercial drivers, or undergoing bariatric weight loss surgery (AASM 2007)).
Only an in-hospital sleep study will allow you to have :
  • Integrated video recording for Parasomnias

  • Transcutaneous carbon dioxide (TcCO2) monitoring for Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome

  • Extended EEG monitoring for seizures indicative of Nocturnal Epilepsy

A home sleep study won’t look for :
  • Narcolepsy, Idiopathic Hypersomnia

  • Subtle findings related to REM Behaviour Disorder (RBD) or medication-effects

  • Circadian Rhythm Disturbances

Home study or in-hospital study?

Get it done right . . . the first time

With in-hospital studies, your sleep study will be done right, the first time. And depending on your level of private health cover and excess level, an in-hospital sleep study could be completely without expense to yourself. Consult your health fund.

  • Did you know?

That with most home study services, you’ll be lucky to see the same reporting sleep doctor? Or that they’re located miles away? Perhaps even in another State?

  • We only test your sleep the best way possible

At Adelaide Sleep, the Specialist who sees you will be the one reporting your Level 1 Sleep study. They’ll also be the one starting you on treatment. In-hospital studies are recognised as the gold standard in sleep study testing. We only perform in-hospital sleep studies.

  • You won’t be able to ….

. . . have a CPAP-titration study at home. . . . diagnose Narcolepsy at home. . . . diagnose night-seizures at home. . . . record Parasomnia activity at home. Level 1 sleep studies are best suited for these complex Sleep Disorders.

  • We’ll take care of it all

You won’t be asked to put your own wires on. If a lead or wire falls off in the night, our attendant staff will know and fix the problem immediately.

Book your Sleep Study

Need a Sleep Study? We perform Sleep Studies in an Adelaide private hospital setting, better and preferred over home sleep studies.